5 TOP Places to Buy Bitcoin of 2020

Bitcoin recorded a rocket rise in 2017 to the price of 20,000$ and then gave some idle to be the price now 7150$, but a group of specialists promise a big future for Bitcoin and prices are huge
Follow us to learn more about Bitcoin and the most important places to buy it

First let’s give some basic information about what is Bitcoin? Simply put, it is a digital currency used on the Internet for a range of purposes for purchase and also for investment and what distinguishes it is that it constitutes a large part of privacy and supports decentralization and also this prompted a group of people to gain Bitcoin through mining i.e. the use of specialized devices to solve mathematical equations very quickly to extract Bitcoin
Bitcoin is more volatile in the markets, its price can fall and rise and become a fortune in the blink of an eye.
There are those who see her price over 1 million$, and there are those who see it as fraudulent currency, and she’ll go back to zero.

But Bitcoin gained the trust of a group of users for its speed in transferring money and its low fees, all in a short time.

So I can buy Bitcoin with ease and the question now is where can I buy bitcoin? Read on to find out the best places to buy Bitcoin with ease.


It is the largest platform for bitcoin and the most trusted in the United States. It offers a simultaneous exchange and wallet service, making it an easy place to buy Bitcoin and coinbase also supports Ethereum, Litecoin and several other currencies.
Once you have connected your bank account you can simply transfer money and buy bitcoin at a variable ditax of approximately 1%

Coinbase wallet is secure by all standards accessed through the Internet and phone and uses all security needs such as 2FA
Also, large balances are secured for not being compromised and stolen, and Coinbase also has 98% of customer currencies and this is offline to keep them safe from hackers, which is proof that Coinbase is one of the best leaders in cryptocurrencies.


Is a mobile application that provides bitcoin purchase service and sell it with no fees is an easy application to send money to family and friends and all this is free and is also a good place to buy Bitcoin

This company provides credit card readers.
SQUARE is a huge company that provides several distinct services besides buying and selling BITCOIN

Unlike some digital wallets they do not keep BITCOIN outside the square application is stored in your account on Your Square Cash for sale or withdrawal, but if you want to send your money to another wallet this feature is free unless you reach more than $10,000 purchases but for sale there is no limit.


Formerly known as GDAX, it is a platform with very low fees in its trading volume where most people trade more than $10 million, making it a place to buy Bitcoin for less than 0.30%
And because it’s part of Coinbase, it makes it safer and more stored for most currencies.


A fast and powerful platform that supports a range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and others and charges through its own BNB currency to a minimum of 1% for trades
If you want to buy the most popular cryptocurrencies Binance is the best option

Binance offers currency trading against cryptocurrencies including Stellar, TRON, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, EOS, Ripple and a range of currencies you may not have heard of yet

Binance also offers a range of currencies at low cost

It also provides android mobile app for more easily use.


It is a full-fledged stock exchange and a seamless digital portfolio that makes buying Bitcoin simpler and also provides a value of additional currencies against the euro and the dollar.

Coinmama now supports more than 1 million users in 188 countries

Simple features that make you buy Bitcoin at $100, $200 and so on while its stock exchange offers huge transactions in real time but its fees are high on others by up to 6% although you will pay another 5% when you buy Bitcoin with a credit card

Instead of buying and selling in the open market Coinmama makes the user in its own possession, which reduces the security ratio and also does not have an application for the phone, but it is available on a professional website du high quality
Coinmama is a us-registered financial company giving it extra confidence on some of its competitors.

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