About blockchain technology and its developments in 2020

Given the blockchain technology and what its projects (cryptocurrencies) have achieved for almost two years, we see the huge amount of change and sophistication that has accompanied the process as a whole.

Many new players periodically enter the arena and others come out.

However, public interest as a whole is increasing due to frequent announcements from companies that are adding blockchain technology to improve their business and products.

Among the most important predictions about blockchain technology and its developments in 2020 are :

Libra (Facebook):
This year, the social media giant announced an open-source blockchain currency called “Libra” headed by a board of international companies that are active in various fields, including :

Uber, Spotify, eBay, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Strip… A group of other estimated 28 of the 100 seats on the Council are estimated to be in total.

Recently, a number of libra formed companies such as PayPal, MasterCard, And Visa have withdrawn against the backdrop of regulatory uncertainty and government pressure towards the project as a whole.

Libra has received a violent response from various world governments that oppose it and its work on its geographical areas.

Many crypto market leaders believe that the currency is not really comparable to any other cryptocurrency based on blockchain as it is managed by a central council.

However, given the strength of Facebook and its participating members, we may see surprises related to Libra’s currency in 2020.

More blockchain-based games:
Gaming is one of the most important sectors that make up a large part of the Internet economy.

Blockchain is a convenient place for developers to develop their decentralized games where users can play among themselves without the need for a third party to run the game.

Although currently most blockchain-based games are dominated by gambling and casinos, other game categories are expected to enter the field in the future, and similar games are being developed for CryptoKitties and Enjin Coin.

Since blockchain allows the creation of secure and decentralized games, more developers are expected to use this technology in 2020.

Increased adoption:
Any titation, to expand and increase its use, it needs to be used by a wide range of users and increased developer demand and the development of their applications.

In 2020, as Facebook enters the field with the launch of libra, millions of people are expected to turn to the new currency.

Besides Facebook, microsoft, IBM, Starbucks and other blockchain giants are heavily shaken.

In the end:

It can be said that the blockchain ecosystem has evolved dramatically in the past two years.

Although most people are not familiar with the latest innovations, blockchain continues to evolve and expand.

2020 looks like a promising year as many large companies plan to launch their own blockchain services.

This will bring blockchain to many, giving it more credibility and helping the technology thrive more broadly.

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