How to buy Bitcoin with a Visa or Paypal 2020?

With the bitcoin revolution that has given a big pattern to the financial sector and the constant rise in prices, some people are wondering “what is the way to buy Bitcoin with a visa”, and the answer is by buying it through bitcoin buying and selling platforms.

Today we will explain and explain the purchase of Bitcoin with MasterCard or Visa and PayPal on one of the most popular platforms in addition to providing you with a list of other sites that allow you to buy Bitcoin and digital currencies in different ways.
And it’s great.


is one of the most popular sites in the world that has its secure portfolio and offers you the option to buy 3 different currencies, namely, Bitcoin BTC, ETH eth and lightqueen LTC.

The first step to buying Bitcoin with a visa is to register.
1- After accessing the site via the link you must fill in the necessary data in order to receive confirmation mail through your Email

2- Activating the account by simple steps download the passport to the site, or driver’s license if you hold U.S. citizenship and activation is done within 5-30 minutes, and you can also photograph documents by applying the site in phones.

3- After the activation process you can easily buy Bitcoin via PayPal or via visa and receive the currency directly.

Finally, you can transfer the Bitcoin, Ethereum or LiteCoin you have purchased to the trading platform or to any portfolio of your choice, and for other trading platforms, this is a list of the best and most famous platforms:


Other secure sites to buy Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies :


A unique platform on which you can find Bitcoin for sale and offers to buy through brokers in your city. It’s a convenient option for those looking for speed to buy Bitcoin. The site offers a number of payment options, including a transfer to Al Ahli Bank, Al Rajhi, Development and others.


You can buy Ethereum, Bitcoin and other known currencies through this website using Visa or MasterCard. The site is fast activating the first level that allows you to make purchases for $5000. If you want to invest more than that, the level of protection can be activated and so on.


An Emirati company that gives the advantage of buying Bitcoin and Ethereum by credit cards, and after sending your bank details you can raise the weekly purchase limit to $2000. The site’s commission is approximately 5% of the total purchase amount of Ethereum or Bitcoin.

– CEX.IO :

It is one of the most popular and secure platforms for trading cryptocurrencies and bitcoins, where the buyer needs to take a number of steps to buy Bitcoin or ethereum through a visa or MasterCard card.

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