The 10 TOP Bitcoin Wallets of 2020

Bitcoin has taken up a lot of space in the world besides government-backed currencies that we use every day. Professionals support bitcoin and cryptocurrency as it is easier, safer and more private and better than traditional currencies. Since bitcoin has become more valuable than the US dollar and currencies like it, bitcoin and Cryptocurrency have generally become a valuable investment opportunity for some people.
Before buying bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency is necessary to understand the risks. Bitcoin prices can double in the coming years and can reach zero.
But you may not force it at these prices again, but if you understand the risks, you have to choose the best bitcoin wallets to store

1 – TREZOR :

It is not a platform for sale and purchase like Coinbase and other wallets it is only a place to store your bitcoin
Trezor is an electronic device that connects to your computer, phone or other device to access your balance from bitcoin and crypto and other
Trezor wallet has many advantages as this wallet provides some protection against lost passwords, but you have to be careful and the main point of this wallet is to prevent others from stealing your coins and bitcoins.


One way to buy bitcoin and sell it and also keep your cryptocurrencies is that you can call a U.S. bank account and easily transfer dollars to your wallet or outside you can use dollars to buy different currencies on Bitcoinbase on top of bitcoin, Ethereum, bitcoin cash and LiteCoin, and there are also rumors on currencies like Ripple that they will be added to CoinbaseWhile the distinctive aspect of Coinbase is ease of use and also updates to improve the user experience, it has a very high security that puts it in the first place.


Robinhood started out as a free stock trading platform but this has made it expand to support a range of options and other investments.
including cryptocurrency and bitcoin on top of them
Robinhood is more like a wallet and exchange like Coinbase
So it’s all in one place, but you can’t send your coins to and from Robinhood in another county.

Robinhood has its platform on the phone but has other desktop versions to provide its clients with stock trading, but what distinguishes it as cost is free. There are no commissions when buying or selling bitcoins as well as shares on the platform
Some may argue that it is less secure because it has already discussed several reasons, but if it is safe for the stock market it is already safe enough for your cryptocurrency


Blockchain is basically a technology related to bitcoin and Cryptocurrency that allows them to exist. We’ll definitely hear about blockchain’s future advantages far beyond Cryptocurrency

The blockchain wallet portfolio is very similar to Coinbase, and you can buy and sell Bitcoin in more than 35 countries, all on the wallet.

Blockchain allows you to send and receive cryptocurrency for a small fee, including several currencies besides Bitcoin, including Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, Stellar and more.
To keep your wallet safe, blockchain recommends filling all stages of security on your wallet and storing keywords.
This makes blockchain wallet give you outstanding performance and security for your money.


It is a bitcoin wallet for the phone only with the iPhone and Android versions currently available. Mycelium is known to be easy to use without the complexity of some cryptocurrency portfolios, but you should be fine to browse the performance of the portfolio.
There is no computer interface, but Mycelium prides itself on having high performance and more security for its phone application and also has similarities like Trezor’s performance as it allows to hide identity and keeps your bitcoin in your bag or pocket wherever you go.

6 – EXODUS :

It is a portfolio like Electrum more beautiful and easy to use it provides a distinctive service for high security as it converts your digital currencies, bitcoins and others into graphs that enable you to store and exchange them within the application as well

There is no account because your currencies and wallet are for you in particular but be careful because they are only available on the desktop but this makes you a key to enter your wallet whenever you want and this is great gives the background to invest in cryptocurrency


It’s a wallet that gives a big advantage to security and privacy, and it’s also not as expensive as other wallets, which makes it one of the best portfolios.
It is characterized by high security such as 2fa and also what distinguishes it is that it does not store the keys of the wallets of its users, which makes it more reliable and safe

8 – BREAD :

Bitcoin wallet is very popular and available on IOS and Android and easy to download and use and also access your bitcoin
The wallet gives good performance to beginners in cryptocurrency while it uses hardware encryption to provide better protection for your money and also features a backup, recovery and protection facility such as Touch ID and PIN.


She is one of the most credible conservatives in cryptocurrency arena where she supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin as well as Token ERC20
The wallet has high encryption and a secure control panel
ENJIN is an accurate portfolio
It provides a good service and great security to deal with all attacks and is also available on Android and IOS

10 – COINOMI :

Is a popular portfolio that supports a range of cryptocurrencies such as Dash, bitcoin, ethereum, Litecoin and a host of other currencies

Coinomi has a smooth and easy-to-use interface that makes it one of the best wallets

It’s also a secure and fast-paced wallet when you back up your wallet key, providing a quick exchange with shapeShift for digital currencies.

And don’t forget that there are bitcoin wallets that accept Paypal like XCoins, Cryptonit and several other wallets…

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