Top 6 Cryptocurrency in Mining 2020

Cryptocurrency mining has been very easy in the past and more results, but over time it has become more complex and very difficult, as mining using your computer has become a thing of the past, and it has become necessary to use customized devices for this purpose for better results

On the other hand, there are some cryptocurrencies that still provide the average user with their mining and making some profit from them.

In this article we will get to know the most profitable cryptocurrencies in mining in 2020?

1- Bitcoin :

Bitcoin is one of the most profitable currencies but you must have a bit of a large capital and is acceptable to buy the equipment and equipment needed for Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining has become extremely difficult and complex and is subject to a wide range of variables such as hardware, electricity and internet costs.

Even if the equipment and equipment needed to start individual mining are available, it is very difficult and better to join mining groups.

Bitcoin is mined mainly by large and large companies that invest millions of dollars in the purchase of thousands of ASIC mining equipment and refrigeration systems, operating in countries that offer good competitive electricity prices.

2- Ethereum :

The second cryptocurrency after Bitcoin in terms of total market value, is also one of the most popular cryptocurrencies

While ASIC devices can be used to mine Bitcoin, ethereum is the opposite and is not allowed to be used as it relies on the ProgPOW algorithm.

However, it seems that the ethereum mining process will become a news story, especially after the decision to move to the quota certification mechanism and abandon mining.

3 – Ethereum Classic :

The Classic Ethereum currency has a large market value and also one of the most famous currencies that can be mined by GPU cards at home, etc is expected to rise after the transition and the transition of ethereum towards ethereum 2.0.

4 – Grin currency :

Grin coin mining is very popular for miners, and it doesn’t need ASIC devices as it is similarly designed for asic-resistant ethereum and supports the policy that mining is for all.

5 – Haven Protocol :

The algorithm used in Haven is a PoW algorithm that is also used by Monero and several other cryptocurrencies.

The Nvidia graphics processing card is more efficiently and better than AMD cards, and both can be used to mine and extract Haven currency.

6 – BitTube currency :

BitTube is a decentralized YouTube alternative that uses Blockchain technology.


BitTube uses the mining mechanism to extract currencies by using graphic cards in the mining process.

There are also many small cryptocurrencies that make good profits through the mining process.

But small businesses may disappear at any moment, are hacked or appear to be a scam.

For this reason, these smaller projects pose a risk to miners trying to obtain a return on the equipment they have purchased and to make a return.

The refore, you should take the mining project to see, search well and audit before starting mining to see if the project is economically viable or may cause you losses.

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